Deangelo Hall Tells His Side

DeAngelo Hall gets called out by NFL’s secret clothing police

Still, Shanahan on Monday didn’t rule out some kind of team punishment for Hall, pending any league discipline. “If there is something that occurs, you’ve got to be strong enough to stay away from it,” Shanahan said. “That’s part of being a good leader and a very smart football player.” On Wednesday, Shanahan said he didn’t anticipate that Hall would be suspended for the incident. Sanders will be headed for a meeting of his own with NFL officials, who want to discuss his fourth-quarter leg cramp in a 24-17 victory Oct. 21 against Cincinnati . Sanders maintains he did nothing wrong when he suddenly dropped to the ground with the Steelers nursing a seven-point lead.

Redskins’ Hall explains rant over playcalling after loss to Cowboys

I just think its the competition of the game. Thats all it is. We have mutual respect for one another. Sunday, its going to be a battle. Bryant said he has grown and he believes Hall has too. He also pointed out that nothing arose between the two in last years season final against the Redskins. But does admit that Hall knew how to push his buttons and get under his skin. Of course.

DeAngelo Hall interview is cut short because of unauthorized logo

You know, he completed four passes against me when I was out in Oakland and he was in Denver on a Monday Night Football game, and I knew leading up to the game he was still feeling good about that. He made some smart, snide comments about that after that game, so I knew definitely he was gonna try to come out there and try me, and it didn’t work for him.” Later, Hall was asked about the Bears’ offensive personnel. “They’ve got some great players, they’ve got some great players,” he said. “They’ve definitely got some players out there, man….Jay’s a good quarterback. He has that swagger and that confidence that you like out of your quarterback. If he’s on your team, you love him to death, you’ll ride or die with him.

DeAngelo Hall responds to Jay Cutler

The league typically doesn’t announce fines until Friday. Hall’s mini-tantrum runs counter to the new culture of order and discipline the Redskins are trying to establish in the second year under Shanahan. Hall raised some eyebrows last week when he spoke about targeting Romo’s injured ribs, but this is the first incident that threatened to rock the team boat. “As a team, especially as a captain, you have to roll with the punches,” Hall said. “I was extremely frustrated. That doesn’t excuse what I said, how I said it. Like I said, it was in the heat of the battle.” Teammates were quick to stand up for Hall.

Hall can’t get in Bryant’s head anymore

what does the league have to say for itself? NFL source on DeAngelo Hall altercation w league uniform inspector: Spirit of corporate logo ban violated by inspector. Not NFLs intention Brian McNally (@bmcnally14) October 1, 2013 @imadni Inspectors arent supposed to stop interviews for a small logo on a shirt. Reserved for, say, RG3 wearing an adidas hat on camera Brian McNally (@bmcnally14) October 1, 2013 OK, well it seems as though the NFL thinks the same as the rest of us. Good! All this for a silly shirt.

Or perhaps Womens DeAngelo Hall Nike Elite Jersey Bryant simply earned Halls respect with an eight-catch, 145-yard, two-touchdown performance against the Redskins last Thanskgiving. Hall basically lobbed Bryant long-distance verbal bouquets this week, mentioning how facing a receiver of his caliber provided a little extra motivation. Any time you have a chance to go against somebody that you feel is one of the best, youre going to try to rise to the occasion, Hall said, according to the Washington Post. Thats in anything you do. Thats just the competitiveness in all of us. … Any time you have a guy like that, who I feel like is a hell of a football player, and hes obviously one of the best in the game, so you definitely want to bring it. Hall acknowledged that mind tricks wouldnt be part of his game plan against Bryant, who has learned not to let Hall vs.

A more mature Dez Bryant ready for battle DeAngelo Hall, won’t let him get to him

At least by the NFL . Hall was in an understandably good mood following the Skins’ first victory of the season and was giving reporters some great quotes in the locker room when an NFL wardrobe inspector — yes, those guys really exist — cut the interview short. #Redskins DeAngelo Hall was banned from talking with us by an NFL uniform inspector, who said he couldn’t speak while wearing a Polo shirt. michael phillips (@michaelpRTD) September 30, 2013 NFL rules state that only Nike logos may be visible during official interviews. Never seen that rule enforced in a locker room, though. michael phillips (@michaelpRTD) September 30, 2013 D’Hall was in a great mood giving us great answers and then a NFL official walked over and told him to change his shirt. He wasnt happy.

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