Dick Stockton Doesn’t Know How To Say Brian Orakpo’s Name

Containing Tony Romo can be tricky

Stockton said Oh-RAP-ko and Oh-RAC-ko throughout Washingtons victory over the Oakland Raiders, instead of the just-as-easy to say Oh-RAC-po. Orakpo was told about the gaffes after the game. He didnt seem insulted and got off a mild, semi-serious rebuke. Well, they suck for doing that, Orakpo said. Stockton corrected his pronunciation sometime in the third quarter, just before he started calling Washingtons backup running back, Roy HEE-lou. Roy Helu Jr.s surname is pronounced HELL-lou. Stotkon Stockton wont have a chance to butcher Redskins names next week. Washington has a Week 5 bye.

Brian Orakpo, who led his family when his parents were removed, believes he can lead the Redskins

Registering just one sack through his first three games, he just hadnt been playing like himself, until he racked up 4 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 pass deflections, as the Redskins battled back from a 14-0 first quarter deficit to defeat the Raiders in the Super Bowl XVIII rematch, on the baseball field in Oakland. You guys were down two touchdowns, you were staring 0-4 in the face, as I mentioned, how good did it feel to come out of there with a win yesterday, and get on the board? Rome go asked Orakpo. Ah, its a release, Orakpo said. It was almost likedeja vu almost again, you know, going down fourteen-zero in the first quarter, and everything just wasnt going our way, but we were able to get a huge turnover from Amerson for a touchdown, and it kind of turned things around for us, and its a great feeling to finally get a W, and we can get back in the swing of things. Orakpo, when asked if a loss to the Raiders to start the season 0-4 was in the back of his mind, responded, Yea, absolutely. We definitely didnt want to be 0-4, and especially getting back on the plane 0-4, and still have to ride six hours back to D.C., he said. That would have really not been good, but it was great that we were able to play for 60 minutes and finish the game strong, and its also great that everybody else in our division lost when we won, so, even though were still bottom of the barrel right now, were still in the thick of things in our division. On playing football on a baseball field: Its nothing Ive never experienced before, Orakpo said. My first time, and its very tough.

Brian Orakpo Rips Dick Stockton For Not Pronouncing Last Name Correctly (VIDEO)

more> When the Redskins beat Dallas on Dec. 30 to win the NFC East , many players dressed and filed out of the locker room as if it were any old victory. Not Orakpo . He shouted and cheered a title he was not on the field to help win. So if inside linebacker London Fletcher is the heartbeat of the Redskins defense, then Orakpo is the blood. You can feel the presence out there, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said in June after Orakpo returned to practice. Its totally different. Orakpo has evolved as a stand-up linebacker since the Redskins, led in 2009 by coach Jim Zorn and front office chief Vinny Cerrato , drafted him 13th overall as a defensive end out of Texas.

Brian Orakpo’s return could transform Redskins’ defense

Famous quitters: Those who bailed rather than face scandal, scrutiny or stress

Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 5 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs This story is part of Barack Obama Brian Orakpo: Defensive Player of the Year is ‘very obtainable’ Jim Corbett, USA TODAY Sports 4:46 p.m. EDT June 6, 2013 Redskins OLB Brian Orakpo had 28.5 sacks over his first three NFL seasons. (Photo: Howard Smith, USA TODAY Sports) Story Highlights Linebacker Brian Orakpo’s 2012 season ended with a Week 2 pectoral muscle tear He’s back, with his eyes on Defensive Player of the Year and a long-term contract Orakpo, who rookie deal ends after this season, says he wants to be a “Redskin for life” SHARE 41 CONNECT 8 TWEET 5 COMMENTEMAILMORE ASHBURN, Va.

Brian Orakpo: Defensive Player of the Year is ‘very obtainable’


Bears keep hapless Giants winless Associated Press Chicago picks of Eli Manning three times and Brandon Marshall has nine catches and two touchdowns to send the free-falling Giants to 0-6. Morris still eager to shoulder the load Mike Jones The Redskins running backs carries are down in his second season, but its by circumstance, not design. Theresa Vargas and Mark Maske Dan Snyder is not expected to be pressured to change Redskins name by other team owners. Complete coverage The Washington Redskins linebacker , is a man of action and few words. The things Orakpo saw and dealt with years ago? No amount of talk wouldve solved that; only sacrifice gets the bills paid, the papers signed, his younger siblings a step closer to college and adulthood. The traffic thinned, and Orakpo pulled onto the road.

Brian Orakpo on Skins’ Week 5 Bye: ‘I Hate It’

For a while, anyway, business would wait. A time to lead Brian sat with his brother and explained the circumstances. Mike was in high school, and difficult times lay ahead. He was pretty much: Hey guys, were going to have to depend on each other right now, Mike Orakpo remembered. After Brian left for college, he said, something had gone wrong in his parents business dealings. They started another company that dealt with medical supplies, and Brian would say later that things just went south. He refused to divulge the specifics of his parents wrongdoing, saying only that a poor partnership led to Arthur and Gloria being indicted for a white-collar crime. Brian said his parents were unaware they had broken the law.

In 2011, the Redskins did not get many sacks off a stunt (I counted only four, in fact). In 2012, I counted at least 10 sacks that occurred on a play in which the Redskins stunted or used some sort of game. They were also forced to be more creative in where they placed guys, especially Kerrigan and inside linebacker Perry Riley . Both of them moved around a decent amount in 2012. Thats not to say the Redskins did not have success running a game with Orakpo and Bowen.

Brian Orakpo, who led his family when his parents were removed, believes he can lead the Redskins

He was pretty much: Hey guys, were going to have to depend on each other right now, Mike Orakpo said of his older brother, Brian Orakpo (98).

And that spin move can be a killer. Orakpo called it Romo’s “patented” move. “He got me on that a couple times,” Orakpo said. “That same spin off the back shoulder, spin off of it and make something downfield. It’s hard to keep him in the pocket, but at the same time you’ve got to be disciplined.” Orakpo learned that two years ago, when his rush brought him enough inside to allow Romo to spin outside contain. That’s why a point of emphasis this week was rushing at Romo’s upfield shoulder, making the path just a bit wider. “He does a good job of acting like he doesn’t see you,” Orakpo said.

Brian Orakpo’s impact is noticeable

Ebenhack) Chris Owens, Andy Dalton Cleveland Browns defensive back Chris Owens, left, hits Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, causing a fumble, in the third quarter of an NFL football game on Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, in Cleveland. The Browns recovered. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) Dekoda Watson, Larry Fitzgerald Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Dekoda Watson (56) stops Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) after a reception during the third quarter of an NFL football game on Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, in Tampa, Fla.

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