John Riggins And ‘loosen Up, Sandy’

A guest said Riggins repeatedly spoke loudly to Mrs. OConnor, several times saying: Come on, Sandy baby, loosen up. Youre too tight. The OConnors left immediately after dinner, skipping the show emceed by ABC-TV White House correspondent Sam Donaldson, which included a humorous speech by Vice President Bush. Mrs. OConnors secretary denied they fled Riggins, citing her long-standing invitation to participate in a Thursday morning prayer breakfast. The justices husband said Thursday, Certainly we didnt leave early because of his (Riggins) behavior. The dinner ran until 11:30 p.m.

John Riggins Struggles to Remember This Year’s Super Bowl Winner

At one point, the chair had to be adjusted because he said it was bothering him. Garry Clifford,Washington bureau chief,People *** Sandra Day OConnor poses with Chief Justice Warren Berger. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds) OConnor was about to leave because she had an early commitment the next morning. Riggins approached OConnors seat, put his arm around her husband, looked over at the first female justice in history and uttered the famous line, come on, loosen up, Sandy baby, youre too tight. *** Basically it was me saying dont go, were going to have a lot of fun. Riggins [O’Connor] took it in great stride. I was sitting next to her and she was very gracious, laughing and smiling back. We thought it was kind of a delightful mix of personalities to have at the table. Wingo There was no sense in which Justice OConnor left early because of this. She told me when she arrived that she would have to leave by 10:45 and she actually stayed later than that. Wingo Certainly we didnt leave early because of his behavior. [The dinner, ending at 11:30, was] kind of late for a work day. Charles OConnor III, husband of Sandra Day OConnor [Mrs.

The oral history of John Riggins’ boozy night with a Supreme Court justice


Nope, afraid not, Riggins responded. I did watch a little bit of the championship game with San Francisco and Atlanta. I think thats what it was. Yea, I was pretty well stung from the night before and I couldnt move off the couch. Another topic broached which you can watch the Diesel go into further on Table Manners Tuesday night on CSN Washington at 11 p.m. was his career-long battle with authority. I left thinking John doesnt have a lot of great regard for coaches, EB thought back to their sit-down with Riggins. That was the vibe I got. Well, you might be in the ballpark, Riggins returned.

John Riggins, The Next Celebrity Chef

(Centralia High School is located at 507 John Riggins Avenue, in case you were wondering if there was any chance John Riggins wasn’t remembered in Centralia.) I knew it was the end of the day for John and that he had a big day coming up, so I prepared a few Redskins questions for him (of course) before I let him go. As you all know, I was and still am a big Clinton Portis fan. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to watch both Portis and Riggins run for the Washington Redskins . I wasn’t going to ask John to compare himself to Clinton or critique his style on this call. Kevin and I were more interested in the rushing record Portis was chasing down. “John, what were you thinking as Clinton rubbed up close to your rushing record…or records?” “Personal records never really mattered much to me. It took so many more guys than just me to get those numbers,” John said with a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

John Riggins on Alfred Morris: “Never Heard of Him…I Don’t Watch Football.”


For anyone who is picturing Riggins doing a public-access style show picking off deer in his backyard, that’s not the case. He’ll travel well beyond his Maryland home and even out of the country. “I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to hunt all over the world,” Riggins said. “Each place I’ve visited has its own uniqueness and character, and I want to bring to our audience the flavor of places well venture to each week, where people have been working and living off the land for centuries.” In the first episode, Riggins bounces from Kansas to New Mexico to Canada. Then he puts his culinary twist on the catch in a true forest-to-table manner. It’s a unique idea that promises some unexpected scenes from the always colorful Riggins. If he’s half as animated as he is when criticizing the Redskins ownership and coaching, the show could be must-watch for hunting, cooking and sports fans.

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